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Trish Kill: Cognitive Behavioural Coach in London Bridge, Wadhurst & Tunbridge Wells

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Business Coaching

Leadership and Team performance

Leadership and individual performance coaching that delivers success through developing collaborative and productive professional relationships. My aim is to provide a blend of coaching and mentoring which offers individuals practical and psychological support. This has, in my experience, proved particularly helpful for clients moving into a new management and leadership role. Often being tasked with developing new teams, projects or innovation opportunities creates unexpected demands to hit the ground running. My role as a leadership coach helps my Clients to:

  • Trust in their own ability, authenticity and values.
  • Take a realistic balanced view of skills and experience gaps in self and immediate team.
  • Identify objectives based on organisational and personal values which address skills and experience gaps and offer a route to change.
  • Effectively identify and deal with any obstacles encountered along the path to these objectives.
  • Develop persistence in maintaining and enhancing personal and professional gains which underpin a career as an authentic business leader.

Team performance coaching that takes a systematic approach that brings individual attributes and values into collective awareness and enhances group performance. This process promotes mutual trust and support when working on complex business problems. Drawing on my coaching practice and my experience leading and participating in a range of transformation programmes and projects my role is to coach teams to:

  • Enhance and promote collaboration through shared values.
  • Create a team owned systematic approach to problem analysis and resolution.
  • Take a realistic balanced view of skills and experience gaps in self and immediate team.
  • Develop persistence and pragmatism in staying goal orientated and supporting innovation.
  • Build a collective leadership which delivers effective stake holder engagement.

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